Welcome, Hugo!

At last . . . I did it!

My blog is finally free from the clutches of WordPress and I'm running static pages thanks to Hugo. It wasn't easy, I must admit. Despite their claims, Hugo is pretty hard to figure out, and the docs don't help (again, I'm oh-so-sure that the Hugo team will disagree, but I'd like them to head over to Django docs and compare).

Regardless, I can finally breathe freely!

The primary reason for this switch wasn't the pointless desire to try something new out. It's just that the majority of my posts are going to be around code and are going to contain code. Now, support for source code in WordPress posts stinks so much that I can smell it from over here. Plus, whatever plugins you install end up messing with the source code and making it unreadable.

Not with Hugo (or any other static site generator, for that matter).

I can now write these posts straight from my code editor, and deploy them without any worry. No database, no PHP; nothing to hack, nothing to break! All my content is with me now, and I can switch to any other theme later on without worry (unlike the Divi theme in WordPress land).

It must have taken me like six months to reach this point. This migration wasn't higher on the priority pile, and so I'd spend a few minutes at it every now and then.

But boy does it feel good!