Will this AI replace content writers?

Misc / Saturday, January 7th, 2017

Earlier today my eye was caught by a Facebook ad: Articoolo, a new software that will write articles for you.

Now, the predictions of AI approaching human intelligence are nothing new, and around 6-7 years ago I had heard the first news that a news writing company had employed a software to produce articles, which got me thinking that perhaps the time had finally come.

I decided to create a free account and take out Articoolo for a test ride. Here’s what happened.

I was presented with a screen that asked me to write the headline. Hmm . . . well, I had written an article on pro gaming as a career option before, so I decided to give it the same thing. Here’s what happened:

Uh. So I’m not allowed to have a topic more than five words in length (and interestingly, less than two words in length!). This reeks of some algorithmic hacks that explode in complexity for phrases that are too long.

Anyway, I decided to go ahead and give it another spin, this time with a smaller topic: Pro Gaming Career.

The software seemed happy to accept it, and displayed this screen:

Pretty cool!

By now my anticipation had hit fever-pitch, and just like the crew in the famous novel by Douglas Adams, I was expecting “the answer” any moment.

And it was just as disappointing:

This doesn’t conclude anything, sure, but it makes me believe Mr. Chomsky even more:

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