Time wasted is not always time wasted

Life, Uncategorized / Sunday, August 7th, 2016

There are two ways to waste time. Let’s take an example from my life to understand this concept better.

I’m fascinated by programming, computers, math, abstractions, and so forth. So ideally I’d be spending time getting better in these areas. But I don’t, largely because my personality isn’t built for crushing hard work. Plus I have other strong interests, like illustrations, anime, etc., that make me invest time in the” other” side.

I also like to watch professional Counter Strike, and on a typical holiday, HL TV consumes several hours of my time. I also like to explore music (some genres of metal, indie, etc.), and this is another time sink. Another is reading books and watching movies.

So there are two ways in which I tend to waste time. The first is surf aimlessly on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., and play games. This time gives me nothing, drains my energy, and leaves me worrying and feeling worthless. I can’t eliminate it completely, however, because sometimes it works like a drug and calms me down.

The second way I waste time is explore music and listen to new artists. I do some random Inkscape tutorial and learn something new. I read funny short stories.

In both the cases I waste colossal amounts of time, but the second one makes me feel better and feeds the philosopher/artist in me. Consequently, I don’t think the second style of “time wasting” is harmful.

I bet something similar applies to your life. There are things worrying you sick that you feel you must do, and then there are things that you like doing, but are not urgent. Why not block your Facebook and LinkedIn for a few days (and I mean literally block it, like adding an entry to your hosts file or something) and do these other things instead?

I can’t promise it will take you somewhere specific, but I can promise you’ll die a more content person.


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