Thinking about Laravel

Software / Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

I’ll make this post quick. Can Laravel hope to compete with the modern breed of technologies like Node, Go, Elixir, Scala, etc.? Absolutely not. Now, the┬ápeople I hear speaking in defense of PHP are those working with trivial apps. The biggest benefit, they claim, is that you can host PHP apps on shared hosting.

Please don’t make me laugh. A shared hosting is severely limited, and let’s not even get started on the performance part. In fact, if you’re building web apps and hanging them on shared hosting, well, may you rot in hell.

Anyway, my rant is that putting so much effort into learning Laravel is going to be in vain. For me, that is. I want to move to high scalability soon, and that’s a fruit quite far off the reach of PHP. Yes, PHP scales, even to millions of requests per day, but the amount of infrastructure it requires is mammoth compared to what is needed by the other platforms I listed at the start.

I’d count Django, Ruby on Rails, etc., on the same sinking boat. They have a lot of momentum and will stick around for a long, long time, but any serious engineer is better off avoiding them.

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