The sheer elegance of Ruby

Programming / Thursday, May 4th, 2017

My flirtation with programming languages today brought me to Ruby land.

So far, I had avoided Ruby as an “idle curiosity”, a language that was designed to be too clever and got popular. However, just how well designed and how clever it is, I had no clue until now.

Gosh, this really is the most elegant language out there. I mean, sure, Clojure and all are also very elegant, but Ruby takes programmer happiness to a whole new level. Whatever construct you peek into, whatever library you turn to, it’s dripping with passion, love, and good intentions.

There’s Python also I admire, but Python seems to be focused on cleanliness and symmetry, which are fantastic attributes in themselves, but Ruby . . . oh, Ruby is something else entirely.

No surprise, then, that the evolution of RoR, Elixir, was chosen to be modeled on the same syntax and values.

I find myself unable to stop learning Ruby, and if all goes well, it will become my go-to general purpose language. Of course Python will remain for algorithms and ML and all, but I’m really hoping to shed behind PHP. 😛

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