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Success / Friday, November 18th, 2016

Seth Godin is known for his thought-provoking writings. I’m not really a fan, but if you read a book of his, you will find about 5% of it pure gold (don’t laugh — his 5% is more than enough).

This time, however, he has exceeded all expectations of mine by writing what I’m tempted to dub the blog post of the century. I’m reproducing the content here, at least so that I can find it later when I need it the most.

To watch people at work, it seems like we never have enough:

  • We need more social media likes
  • We want more market share
  • We demand more quick wins

And to see them at rest, it seems as though we never have enough:

  • Things to entertain us
  • Shallow friendships
  • Conspicuous displays of success

Which is why people talk about how they’re always falling behind and feel like they don’t have enough time.

But . . .

Lots of us walk around thinking we do have enough:

  • Education
  • Exposure to difficult topics
  • Situations where we need to change our mind
  • Silence
  • Deep relationships based on trust and commitment

I’m wondering what happens if we flip them?

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