My first GitHub project is born!

Showcase, Uncategorized / Saturday, January 30th, 2016

After weeks of effort (snatching a few minutes here and there from everyday life), I’m happy to announce my first GitHub project: Up2date.

What is Up2date?

Up2date makes it easy for you to track your favorite websites by scrapping their home page every day and mailing you a daily summary. Talk about saving time! Of course it can’t automatically crawl any website; you have to add the rules yourself, but hey, it’s well worth the effort!

Why did I create Up2date?

This projects solved many things for me in one stroke:

  • Demonstrate that I love Python instead of just talking about it.
  • Use Python in a real-life example.
  • Purchase and set up an independent cloud server.
  • Set up Postfix and SPF, etc., to enable mailing capability.
  • Get introduced to Flask, Virtualenv and BeautifulSoup4.

There are a ton of improvements to be made, but I’m happy with the start. 🙂

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