I’ll have a “Go” at it!

Go, Programming / Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

I never add pictures to my posts unless the post can’t do without them. So you won’t find “relevant” and “interesting” images on my posts. In fact, if memory serves me correctly, I don’t think I have more than 2-3 images in total in posts prior to this. Some people might argue that it reduces readability, but I’d argue the opposite: content that is meaningful doesn’t need to hide behind pretty images. But I digress.

Today I feel so happy that I want to add an image even though it doesn’t communicate anything objectively meaningful:


Yes, it’s the mascot for the Go programming language. And my reason for adding it is this: I think I’ve fallen completely in love with Go! Although I’m still learning the basics, here are my reasons for loving the language:

  • Brave design decisions. There is only one looping construct. Yes, only one. It’s called for. But what about while and do-while? Just use the for loop, silly!
  • Fast as hell. I doubt any modern language can beat Go in compilation or runtime speeds.
  • Minimalist to the extreme. Go shunned inheritance, along with a full bag of crap that object-oriented languages come with. As a result, there’s very, very little to mug up.
  • Lovely syntax. For me, Go has an even greater appeal than Python. I miss the nostalgic C syntax, and Go seems to have hit the perfect balance between tidiness and usefulness.
  • Concurrency. Well, Go eats traditional languages for breakfast when it comes to concurrency. Green threads rule!

Everything about Go is compact. Its syntax is compact; its tutorials are small; its programs are compact; it has a compact, fast compiler; even the books are shorter and sweeter than most languages.

While Elixir remains my dream language for building backends (sorry, Go, but per-process heap and garbage collection, and not to mention live code loading, are godly superpowers), Go has taken the place for everything else. Thank God, finally there are no design patterns to master, no legacy to respect, and no traps to lose your foot to.

Just use Go, guys. 🙂

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