Functional programming depresses me (not!)

Software, Uncategorized / Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

After months of hearing and reading about Erlang, I’m finally fortunate enough to give it a try. Functional programming was a distant term for me, and while I would read about its magical superiority, I never came close to actually doing anything in it.

All in all, the whole thing has me depressed. In a good way, I mean.

I’m depressed because I’ve finally seen a programming paradigm that’s drop-dead simple and robust in its approach. I want to teat my hair out and wail for having been made an idiot by the object-oriented bandwagon. Seriously, every major imperative language takes a year or more to get comfortable with, and in the end you can only create software that is unstable, buggy, and sucks when it comes to distributed and parallel.

I’m especially bitter because this realization comes at a time when I had decided on devoting my life to Python and mastering every aspect of the language. That just feels like a waste of time now. Python will be good for its data processing and machine learning libraries (and for an odd personal script now and then) but I don’t see it as a good solution for building back-ends.

All in all, one of my core beliefs in life has been shattered and I must start anew. This is also the time to realize that trying to do everything in Python is a clear mistake. Maybe I’ll start by converting this blog back to WordPress. After all, I know PHP, and WordPress really outshines everything else when it comes to ease of blogging.

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