Frameworks vs. Microframeworks

Software / Sunday, June 25th, 2017

I never quite understood the logic behind microframeworks. Unless your requirements are dead simple, I think microframeworks don’t make a lot of sense. And even then, you never know when your requirements might evolve.

When I tried Lumen, I really missed the tinker capability of Laravel. When I tried Flask, the command line was missing. Someone once said that Django is what a Flask app eventually becomes, and I kind of agree. Check out any in-depth Flask tutorial and a good portion will be spent setting things up that Django already has.

I also don’t buy the argument of performance. Infrastructure is super-cheap these days, and a full-blown framework behind a load balancer is a better bet than jumping through hoops in the name of performance. If you really want high performance, go for something like Go or Elixir (or even Node).

Perhaps this will change as my skills level increases. Perhaps as an architect I’ll feel differently. But conservatism is a good thing, I believe, especially in software.

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