Enjoy Those Lights!

Showcase, Uncategorized / Sunday, September 18th, 2016

Today I have taken an important step towards unchaining the designer in me. And it has to do with the choice of color scheme for coding.

Now, most developers will agree that color-coding is extremely important in programming (it allows us to quickly discern parts of the code we want, and improves focus and readability) but for them the choice of colors is not that important. Go to any modern organization and you’ll find Sublime Text as the most likely editor of choice. And everyone is using Monokai, the default color scheme that comes with Sublime Text. When I first saw this color scheme, I recoiled in abject horror: the pink tone was looking absolutely atrocious, and the greens were punching holes in my eyes. My reflex made me quickly search on how to change the color scheme, and I settled on Zenburn for a while. But something was missing: Zenburn looked too dull . . . almost limp and lifeless in bright settings.

And so started my paranoia and frenetic search for the perfect mix of colors and contrast. I spent a long and almost-happy time with One Dark (a legendary color scheme, by the way). One Dark was great, but it just didn’t provide enough contrast and had too many irritating colors for me – the purples and the greens and the overall contrast were just not enough.

Finally, I ended up spending a whole weekend and trying out different combinations until I produced what I believe to be a near-perfect color scheme for me. I chose to call it Those Lights, inspired by the idea that this color scheme captured colors from dim floating lamps of various lights in a dreamy scene. I say “near-perfect” because there’s still a couple of tweaks pending, I feel. It’s just that I can’t seem to put my finger on it just yet and will continue to use it.

And now for the big news: my color scheme has been accept by the famous ColorSublime website and is now available for download! Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you . . . Those Lights! (*drumroll*)


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