Choosing the right tech stack for development [for developers]

Advice, Career, Software / Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

If you’re a progressive software developer and do not spend a few hours worrying about which tech stack to choose next, you’re lying. We all do it. In fact, combined with the famous Impostor Syndrome, this constant anxiety is enough to break anyone’s back.

Laravel or Symfony? Node or Go? React or Angular? Ember or Vue? Java or Scala? Java or Kotlin? Django or Rails? Python or PHP? Go or Elixir? C++ or Rust? These and countless other similar comparisons possibly run in your mind over and over and drive you insane (well, they drive me insane).

I was recently struck by an idea that could help resolve this confusion for most of the developers. Here’s how it goes:

Are you a junior to intermediate developer?

If not, do whatever you want.

If yes, stick to the stack that has most jobs in your language ecosystem.

In other words, if you’re into PHP framework-based development, pick Laravel over everything else. Not because it’s the most amazing framework (it isn’t) but because it will bring you more jobs, more projects, more growth.

And that’s it, really. Do not, I repeat, do not crave for the greener grass on the other side. There’s no written rule that Node developers are paid better than PHP developer always. Code monkeys are always paid peanuts no matter what tool they pick up; don’t be one of them.

Are you a JavaScript developer confused between Angular and React? The decision is simple: React. More popularity (thanks to React Native), larger community, more jobs, and so on.

As a junior to intermediate developer, your goal is to master (I repeat, master) one stack that is quite popular. This will ensure a healthy income and self-esteem. Once you’ve started architecting complex system in your language, it won’t that much. Your first responsibility is to be useful to your employer and be able to provide for your family.

Adventure comes second. And so, your language is not dying or going to be replaced. Relax.

Stop wasting time thinking about it.

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