Biases and improvement

Advice, Career, Craft, Life / Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

The biggest hurdle to your improvement as a software developer are your biases.

The idea that React/Angular/Vue/Backbone are somehow superior to other alternatives; the idea that Python is a much more robust web development language than PHP; the idea that PostgreSQL is the only sensible relational database out there; the idea that nothing matches the capabilities of Node.js (or Go, or Java, or Erlang, or something else); the idea that a particular stack was ordained by the gods; the idea that AWS is the one true hosting solution; the idea that everything other than machine learning, blockchain, chatbots, AR/VR and 3D printing is garbage; the idea that you know enough already . . .

Stop forming conclusions.

There will never be a point in your life when you’ll have all the answers and 100% surety.

Things you rely on today and break their characters any time.

Your own abilities may nosedive, for all you know.

It’s much better to keep an open mind, a smile on your face, and realize that you’re in a rabbit hole. The best you can do is keep going deeper and enjoying the sense of directionlessness. 🙂

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