Are you a troller?

Who is a troller? Who is right and who is wrong? These are interesting questions. Well, I don’t know about right and wrong, but recently I came across a post on LinkedIn that provides a startlingly accurate symptoms-list of troll behavior.

I’m posting it here so that I don’t ever lose this.

How do you know you are a troller?

1. You find a popular post. Check how many are appreciating. Then you comment against the motion!

2. You leave a sarcastic comment against the author and keep looking if you provoked enough. And keep commenting.

3. Just form an opinion and stick to it and keep criticising.

4. You just think you are intelligent, smart, witty and right and all others are stupid.

5. You are convinced that you are the only one who is helping the World.

6. You declare that the author is cheap and doing silly things to garner attention.

7. Instead of strolling leisurely and happily, you tend to just troll ( s is silent in stroll, i think)

8. Often you are from Second orbit ( 2 level connection) strayed into some else’s orbit and leave your shit around!

I can honestly look back at life and think of a few instances where I was a troll. But what amazes me is how accurately this was described!