To say that I'm a software developer wouldn't be quite accurate. I have a few other talents from which I switched careers (manuscript editing, content writing, for example), and I have a few interests that can blossom into a career if pursued regularly. Still, I find the most enjoyment in creating software, which is where all of my interests converge . . . more or less.

Point being, that I'm always able to look outside the coding box. I firmly believe that software created without fully understanding the business domain and the pains of the end user is totally useless. Scale, build size, and other performance metrics are fine, but one shouldn't chase them maniacally at the price of common sense.

I'm honest, reliable, modest, friendly, and always eager to learn. I don't handle bad people and undue pressure very well – and I don't want to!


I work with the following technologies, with varying degree of expertise, but am confortable enough in all of them to hit the ground running:

  • Programming languages: JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java
  • Infrastructure: Lambda, AWS, Docker
  • Backend frameworks: NodeJS, Express, Laravel
  • Front-end: React, Vue, jQuery, CSS, HTML . . .