Welcome, welcome!

Please have a seat. 🙂

You’ve just reached the right place. Finally. Here’s some tea while you rest and I (forcibly) tell you about myself.

When it comes to software development, people are looking for “ninjas”; also, developers like to portray themselves as superheroes.

Tsk, tsk. If only I could show you business owners how much harm it does. Common sense and more hands always win over more brain . . .

So, I’m no ninja. I’m just a guy who stumbled through life and ended up discovering software as a way of life. Quality and honesty are most important. Constant improvement is second nature. Give me a great team and I’ll be the most jovial person around. Otherwise, I’m the most incorrigible loner you’ll find.

You can trust me 100%. If I’ve committed to something, I’ll get it done. And if it’s not  possible, I’ll let you know straight away so you don’t lose time.

Damn. I just realized that this turned from a friendly introduction to a bragging contest really fast. But I guess that’ll have to do for now. 😐

See you later!