Hmm . . . so I’m supposed to say something clever. Something that will help me sell myself to you. Something that will make you jump in your chair and go, “Wow, that’s it!”.

Okay, let me try.

I like to think of myself as a progressive developer and a lifelong student. I came to software development after a rather long (eight years, to be exact) search for satisfaction, and now I’m convinced I made the right choice.┬áBecause software gives me joy, I’m obsessed about what’s happening at the very periphery of innovation and keep exploring things. While I seldom commit to a new technology, I like to acquire the ideas and perspectives I can gain from it.

By now I’m conversant in a handful of programming languages, and am exposed to a few more. Learning new stuff is not a problem: just give me a goal and watch me lap up page after page.

I think the best way to summarize things would be to say that I’m a journeyman on the road to mastery. I’m not an “expert”, I don’t “kill it”, and I certainly don’t have a huge ego that pushes me to shatter all barriers no matter what. I’m a believer in good culture and high quality, and that’s what I seek/build.

I guess that’s about it.

Did you jump in your chair with sheer delight? No? . . . I thought so. ­čÖé

But hopefully, it gave you a solid, hype-free perspective on what kind of person I am. So if you think I sound like someone you’d enjoy working with, head over to the contact page and give me a buzz!